Our customized solutions

A light and modular backpack, including in its standard version a tablet and connected medical devices: a 12-lead Télécardia electrocardiograph, a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure monitor.

Ultra portable Telemedecine Station

A transportable suitcase including the teleconference camera and medical equipment for taking the vital signs monitoring

Mobile station

A rigid and waterproof case including an FHD videoconferencing system, a 15.6-inch touch screen and connected medical devices: 12-lead ECG, autotensiometer, pulse oximeter and other optional devices (thermometer, glucometer, stethoscope, etc.) .

Mobile station S3

All equipments are available on a cart with a zoom camera that can be operated by the remote doctor

Mobile cart

Parsys Telemedecine represents

400 nursing homes, 300 boats, 600 hospitals

150,000 Teleconsultations & tele-expertise per year

15,000 healthcare professionals

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