Occupational Health Services

Parsys Telemedicine provides a wide range of telemedicine equipment to many Occupational Health Services and large companies to ensure the medical monitoring of their employees.
Teleconsultations, conducted by occupational physicians, can be supplemented with tele-expertise to ensure the safety and health of employees.

  • Centralization of data within an Electronic Patient Record facilitated by the PARSYS Cloud.
  • Tele-expertise service.

This device, patented by Parsys, allows healthcare professionals to quickly acquire and transmit a patient’s electrocardiogram without the constraints of a conventional device.


Parsys MedCapture © is a Windows application dedicated to the efficient collection of digital data from various medical devices and their secure sending on the Cloud platform.

Medcapture Software

Parsys RTC (Real Time Communication) is a modern Full Web videoconferencing solution optimized for telemedicine.

Parsys RTC

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