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PARSYS Télémédecine develops solutions allowing remote medical diagnoses anytime, anywhere particularly for:

  • emergencies (isolated sites and mobile units);
  • tele-expertise (connect caregivers).

Through many partner companies, like MARLINK, the word leader of satellite maritime communications, or GCS SESAN (165 hospitals in the Paris area), PARSYS Télémédecine equips health professionals on the 5 continents.

Based on a telemedicine cloud, including medical sensors, secure data management and an integrated videoconference system, the solution is available in three lines:

  • Telemedicine Stations, made for mobile uses, emergency care and teleconsultation. Medical examinations can be sent in a few seconds for interpretation to a remote medical center via Internet, 3G or satellite.
  • Telemedicine Carts, including the same equipment on a base more in line with hospital usage.
  • Portable wireless electrocardiographs, designed to capture and rapidly transfer 12 to 18-leads ECGs.

PARSYS Telemedicine was given the “French Innovator of the Year” award in 2013, and winner of the french PM’up Program in 2015. It is a CE medical and ISO 13485 company.


Marlink’s XChange Telemed with PARSYS Telemedicine Station


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