Extending EMS real-time capabilities

Parsys Telemedicine brings EMS remote doctor at the patient’s side.


Our solutions enable the transmission of accurate medical data from the field.


The data is hosted on a certified cloud server.


Allows EMS coordination to choose the means of action adapted to the context of the victim.

PARSYS RTC: Videoconferencing dedicated to telemedicine

Parsys RTC, compatible with all tablets or smartphones equipped with 3G/4G, enables paramedics and EMS doctors to communicate efficiently.

Point-to-point or multipoint links

256 bits encrypted

Automatic switching of hospital firewalls

Recording of configurable audio/video streams on the platform

HIPAA compliance

Our customized solutions

Desktop station

A PC with a camera, a large screen and telemedicine software

Cloud and support

Desktop teleconference

Medical Multiparameter

ECG option

Mobile station S2

A transportable suitcase including the teleconference camera and medical equipment for vital signs monitoring

Cloud and support

Mobile station

Mobile station S3

A rigid and waterproof case including an FHD videoconferencing system, a 15.6-inch touch screen and connected medical devices: 12-lead ECG, autotensiometer, pulse oximeter and other optional devices (thermometer, glucometer, stethoscope, etc.) .

Cloud and support

Mobile station

Teleconsultation cart

All equipment are available on a cart with a PTZ camera that can be operated by the remote doctor

Cloud and support

Mobile cart including all features

The service included in our solutions

Parsys solutions are “turnkey”, we make sure that learning the tools allows for immediate use after installation.

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Technical support

We make sure that users can immediatly operate right after installation. Your satisfaction is our priority!

We are committed to offering our customers the best possible support. Contact our hotline !

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