Emergency medecine

Parsys supports various emergency services across the French territory (First Responder services, private ambulances, Mobile Telemedicine Units) in their patient care. Parsys equipment enables them to acquire crucial data (ECG, Oximetry…).

  • Assistance in medical triage.
  • Access to a digitized emergency assessment.
  • Taking crucial patient data during emergency care.

The Ultra-Portable Telemedicine Station is specially designed for the acquisition and transmission of patient vital data in order to establish an easy and quick medical diagnosis.

Ultra portable Telemedecine Station

This device, patented by Parsys, allows healthcare professionals to quickly acquire and transmit a patient’s electrocardiogram without the constraints of a conventional device.


Parsys MedCapture © is a Windows application dedicated to the efficient collection of digital data from various medical devices and their secure sending on the Cloud platform.

Medcapture Software

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