Mobile healthcare providers

Parsys supports numerous Professional Healthcare Community and nursing practices by deploying telemedicine solutions tailored to your needs, enabling assisted teleconsultation, teleexpertise, secure sharing of medical documents, secure messaging, etc.

  • Improve access to healthcare and promote collaboration between doctors and nurses.
  • Conduct assisted teleconsultations with nurses visiting patients at home.
  • Allow the doctors in your organization to avoid unnecessary travel.

The Ultra-Portable Telemedicine Station is specially designed for the acquisition and transmission of patient vital data in order to establish an easy and quick medical diagnosis.

Ultra portable Telemedecine Station

Parsys MedCapture © is a Windows application dedicated to the efficient collection of digital data from various medical devices and their secure sending on the Cloud platform.

Medcapture Software

Parsys RTC (Real Time Communication) is a modern Full Web videoconferencing solution optimized for telemedicine.

Parsys RTC

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