Medico-social institution

Parsys supports hundreds of medico-social institutions in the care of their residents. The equipment provided by Parsys enables residents to receive care from their general practitioners and access specialized medical attention when needed.

  • Improving the care of residents.
  • Avoiding unnecessary and strenuous travel for residents.
  • Enabling remote specialist consultations and teleexpertise

The cart can integrate an HD videoconferencing system allowing teleconsultation or tele-expertise in total autonomy. The remote physician has therefore access to the patient without leaving his workstation.

Teleconsultation cart

Parsys MedCapture © is a Windows application dedicated to the efficient collection of digital data from various medical devices and their secure sending on the Cloud platform.

Medcapture Software

Parsys RTC (Real Time Communication) is a modern Full Web videoconferencing solution optimized for telemedicine.

Parsys RTC

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