Telemedicine: the new asset of nursing homes

Parsys allows physicians to practice telemedicine as easily as a standard consultation.


Our solutions make it easy for nursing homes caregivers to facilitate teleconsultations at the patient’s bedside.


The data is hosted on a HIPAA-compliant HDS-certified cloud platform.


Helps to avoid the risks associated with transporting residents and facilitates the choice of appropriate means in case of emergency intervention.

Managed teleconsultation in nursing homes

Parsys Telemedicine gives nursing homes access to regular scheduled teleconsultations and emergency services if necessary.

Provides and remotely manages telemedicine hardware and cloud.

Provides quality video conferencing with the remote physician.

Structures the teleconsultation.

Allows distant doctors to access the Parsys Cloud and IMR from their usual computer or smartphone.

Gives you access to a medical platform in some areas.

Our support approach

Parsys Telemedicine supports you throughout your project from conception to deployment.

Our flexible hardware solutions

Ultra portable Telemedecine Station

A light and modular backpack, including in its standard version a tablet and connected medical devices: a 12-lead Télécardia electrocardiograph, a pulse oximeter and a blood pressure monitor.

Cloud and support

Desktop teleconference

Medical parameter

ECG option

Mobile station

A transportable suitcase including the teleconference camera and medical equipment for taking the vital signs monitoring

Cloud and support

Mobile station

Mobile station S3

A rigid and waterproof case including an FHD videoconferencing system, a 15.6-inch touch screen and connected medical devices: 12-lead ECG, autotensiometer, pulse oximeter and other optional devices (thermometer, glucometer, stethoscope, etc.) .

Cloud and support

Mobile station

Mobile cart

All equipments are available on a cart with a zoom camera that can be operated by the remote doctor

Cloud and support

Mobile cart including all functions

Services included in our solutions

Once the solutions are implemented, we are committed to offering our customers the best possible experience by supporting them on a daily basis.

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Technical support

We make sure that users can immediatly operate right after installation. Your satisfaction is our priority!

We are committed to offering our customers the best possible support. Contact our hotline !

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