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PARSYS Telemedicine is a French manufacturer of telemedicine systems. Building on a five-year research effort, it offers innovative telecardiology and emergency remote care devices.

The company equips health professionals worldwide in emergency and rescue, hospitals and medical institutions, such as Paris hospitals or medical departments of benchmark firms such as Accenture, Axa, Dassault, Exxon Mobil, L’Oreal or Toyota.

For these health professionals, PARSYS Telemedecine has developed a range of effective and intuitive medical devices and software, providing access to medical diagnosis anytime, anywhere.

The company offers 3 product lines:

  • wireless portable electrocardiographs, designed to capture and quickly transfer simultaneous 12 to 18-lead traces. Extremely simple to operate, they generate best-in-class traces. They can be used in emergency departments (for triage), mobile field professionals (for remote interpretation) or even on-board ships (the 130 CMA-CGM ships, for example) or planes.
  • telemedicine stations, including real time video and vital signs sensors designed for mobility, emergency care or teleconsultation. While on-line with a remote medical center, the medical records can be sent within seconds for interpretation via Internet, 3G or satellite. These stations are provided with touchscreen software and communication capabilities, facilitating use by non-professionals.
  • Full-fledge telemedical systems, including securitized data management and records and end-to end video system.

PARSYS Telemedicine was given the “French Innovator of the Year” award in 2013, and winner of the french PM’up Program in 2015. It is a CE medical and ISO 13485 company.

It is partner with Astrium, Europ Assistance and Airbus, among others.


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