Instantaneous ECG

Concept - ECGPARSYS Telemedicine offers new ways of bringing cardiovascular expertise right where it is mostly needed : early detection. The new-generation ECG developed by PARSYS Telemedicine engineers is extremely simple and fast. And it has communication capabilities which allow immediate connection to a remote centre for additional expertise.

By allowing ECGs performed in the medical doctor’s office to benefit from the expertise of a cardiologic centre, it reaches 3 goals:

  • Increase the number of ECGs practised on the general population
  • Detect risky patients earlier
  • Improve the medical data flow between physicians.

Numerous observations in various countries show that making ECGs a routine examination helps detect, monitor and control cardiovascular diseases. Through TélécardiaPARSYS Telemedicine makes this process a fast and secure process.


Concept - Station SoftwareTelemedicine station

The PARSYS Telemedicine cases – multi-parameter Telemedicine Station – enable the capture and transmission of vital data of patients in order to establish a medical diagnosis and save lives from anywhere in the world.