Telemedicine Station

12-lead 12-channel ECGBloc blanc12-lead 18-channel ECGBloc blancMobile TeleconsultationBloc blancTelemedicine Station

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  • intuitive touchscreen software
  • easy-to-use sensors
  • automatic data transmission
  • integrated charging system[/wpcol_1third]


  • ECG, SpO² and NIBP
  • optional wireless printer
  • optional photo / video imaging
  • optional video conferencing[/wpcol_1third]


  • Ethernet real-time transmission
  • WiFi real-time transmission
  • 3G / 4G real-time transmission
  • Satellite real-time transmission[/wpcol_1third_end]


Station de Télémédecine - Hardcase - Black

Medical diagnosis anytime from anywhere

The Telemedicine Station is a specifically designed case enabling the capture and the transmission of patients’ vital data to perform a medical diagnosis from anywhere in the world and in any circumstances.

The Station includes Bluetooth wireless and USB biomedical sensors to improve the capture of the medical examination: simultaneous 12 to 18-lead ECGs, oximeter, blood pressure, …



Unfailing ruggedness

The Telemedicine Station – Hardcase is equipped with an orange or black reinforced and watertight Pelicase 1450 compliant with the DO 160 standard on airbone equipment.


Medical diagnosis in softness

The Telemedicine Station – Softcase is equipped with a black lightweight and hydrophobic case enabling medical interventions closer to the patient. This softcase is available in five (5) versions according to the embedded equipment.


Real-time transmission of vital data


Webcam HD Pro C920

To facilitate communication with a remote medical unit, the integrated or optional Webcam of the Telemedicine Station also enables:

  • to capture and send pictures and video sequences,
  • the on-click videoconference.



+ Optional Skin Thermometer

2-in-1 & Reliable


Wireless transmission

+ Optional 3-in-1 Glucometer

Integrated finger pricker

Quick capture (5 seconds)

USB transmission


Innovative touchscreen software

The integrated Tablet PC operates a highly intuitive software developped by PARSYS Télémédecine. The software enables to centralize, view and quickly send the patient’s clinical data.

The modular software architecture of the Telemedicine Station can integrate other Bluetooth or USB sensors depending on the user needs: glucometer, stethoscope, spirometer, optalmoscope, …



Marlink’s XChange Telemed with PARSYS Telemedicine Station




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This medical device is a CE marked health product, under the supervision of European healthcare authorities.