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  • no consumables
  • less handling required[/wpcol_1third]


  • single 15-second capture
  • long lasting Lithium battery[/wpcol_1third]


  • compressed digital ECG trace
  • automatic data transmission[/wpcol_1third_end]


Telecardia, 12-lead 12 simultaneous channel ECG

Telecardia is the only machine in its category enabling the automatic capture and transmission of a 12-lead, 12 simultaneous channel electrocardiogram (ECG). The dry electrodes replace the conventional adhesive electrodes.

Schema Transmission TC


The new generation electrocardiography

Telecardia is an innovative medical device:

  • portable, compact, ultra-light (500 g),
  • fixed thoracic electrodes,
  • no consumables (gel, paper, adhesive electrodes).


Making ECG as simple as taking blood pressure

Telecardia allows easy captures of ECG trace:

  • 15-second capture in a single session,
  • seated or lying  patient,
  • no need to  undress or shave patient,
  • less handling required.


The value of a 12-lead ECG

The ECG is the necessary complement to the medical examination of a patient reporting chest pain, palpitations, dizziness or shortness of breath.

Emergency doctors and other medical facilities using telemedicine are used to a universal standard format for viewing 12-lead (6 peripheral leads and 6 precordial leads), 12 simultaneous channel.

The topographic diagnosis of myocardial infarction can not be properly differentiated only by placing 6 precordial leads. The diagnosis of some cardiac arrhythmias requires completely synchronous precordial leads.

 Composition TC



A digital ECG trace combining accuracy and speed of transmission

HEADER TC 4Telecardia generates high-precision and compressed digital traces:

  • automatic and wireless Bluetooth transmission and view on a PC,
  • stored in a Patient file for a network consultation,
  • transfer to a remote medical centre via Internet, 3G, satellite or radio link. 





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This medical device is a CE marked health product, under the supervision of European healthcare authorities.